Single Wide Glass Straw Set (Cork Edition)

Single Wide Glass Straw Set (Cork Edition)

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This beautiful glass straw set includes:
1 x Wide Borosilicate Glass Straw (Cork Edition)
1 x Plant-fibre Jute Storage Bag (with secure press stud top)
1 x Handy Cleaning Brush – To keep the plastic-free glass ‘squeaky’ clean


WiseSip’s company mission is to reduce the amount of single-use plastic that floods into our oceans every day in order to protect wildlife and the environment.

We design and assemble all of our reusable products, including this Single Wide Glass Straw set, ourselves!

This is the world’s first glass straw to use sustainable, upcycled cork to protect the glass!

Glass straws are a fantastic reusable and durable alternative to both single-use plastic straws, which harm our environment, and flimsy paper straws which often disintegrate in fizzy drinks before you’re able to finish them.