Chillililli 285g

Chillililli 285g

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Our Chillililli is based on Grandad Charlie's traditional Piccalilli with a delicious, but subtle sweet chilli glow. Enjoy the fresh crunch of the vegetables, the perfect balance of sweetness & pickle followed by an unmistakable hint of scotch bonnet to round off the experience and leave your taste buds singing!


Gluten Free, Vegan, Low in Fat, 0.5 Syns (per tablespoon) on Slimming World. Great Taste Award 2020


How to use it:

Calder’s Kitchen Chillililli is the perfect addition to any sandwich and pairs particularly well with cheeses, cold meats, scotch eggs and pork pies. We also recommend Chillililli as the ultimate BBQ condiment – whether meat, veggie or seafood is your thing, Feeling healthy? Pimp up a summer salad or jacket potato or check out our Canadian bhaji burger in our recipe section.


What else:

Versatility is the name of the game. You can literally use this product with almost any type of savoury food.


Calder’s Kitchen top tip:

Stay with us on this one! Transform your mid-week cauliflower cheese by dropping a generous tablespoon of Chillilili into the middle of the dish before putting in the oven. Thank us later!!