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Detox bundle

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1x SuperU Berry Beauty

  • Berry Beauty is our Antioxidant blend of nature’s best beauty foods. With only clean, natural ingredients to nourish your skin from within.

    ✓ 1 teaspoon = your recommended daily intake of Vitamin C.

    ✓ Supports the health of skin, hair and nails.

    ✓ 8 superfoods - with nothing else added.

    ✓ Source of Zinc, Copper & Vitamin C - for natural collagen formation.

    ✓ Add to water, smoothies, yoghurt, oats and more!

    Taste: slightly sweet and bursting with berries.

    Servings: 30 servings = 80p a serving!

1x SuperU pink pitaya powder

  • Pink Pitaya, also known as Pink Dragon Fruit - grows throughout Asia and South America. We freeze-dry the sweet flesh to lock in the nutrients, amazing colour and flavour!


    ✓ Pitaya is renowned for its Vitamin A content - for healthy skin and the immune system.
    ✓ 100% Natural & Freeze-Dried.
    ✓ Add to smoothies, ice cream, lattes, baked treats and more!

    Taste: naturally sweet and fruity in flavour.

    Servings: 14 servings - please consume within 30 days once opened. As this product is 100% freeze-dried, it is sensitive to heat & moisture.

1x ZENOTE pink clay & lavender soap

1x Corinne Taylor detox face mask

Glow is a 100% natural mineral face mask designed to brighten and revive the skin.

Formulated with antioxidant rich Matcha Green Tea and Sea Kelp to help fight free radicals whilst mineral rich French Green Clay gently detoxifys and claryifys the skin.

Organic Rose Geranium and Bergamot essential oils help to balance both dry and oily skin types. Ideal for combination and dull skin.

FREE FROM: sls, parabens, mineral oil, synthetic fragrance & colour.


This product is registered with The Vegan Society & certified with the Leaping Bunny Programme.