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Superfood bundle

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1x pink pitaya powder (70g)

Pink Pitaya, also known as Pink Dragon Fruit - grows throughout Asia and South America. We freeze-dry the sweet flesh to lock in the nutrients, amazing colour and flavour!

  • ✓ Pitaya is renowned for its Vitamin A content - for healthy skin and the immune system.
    ✓ 100% Natural & Freeze-Dried.
    ✓ Add to smoothies, ice cream, lattes, baked treats and more!

    Taste: naturally sweet and fruity in flavour.

    Servings: 14 servings - please consume within 30 days once opened. As this product is 100% freeze-dried, it is sensitive to heat & moisture.

1x blue spirulina powder (50g)

Our Blue Spirulina powder is a natural extract derived from the blue-green super algae, Spirulina!

  • ✓ Rich in vitamins & minerals.
    ✓ 100% Natural Bright Blue Colour.
    ✓ Use in smoothies, juices, lattes, baking and more to make them as blue as the ocean!

    Taste: neutral, no overpowering flavour.

    Servings: 50 servings.